FIFA 18 Title Update: No more kick spectacles?


The first title update for FIFA 18 has been released. In addition to a large amount of bug fixes, EA SPORTS has especially screwed up the gameplay to curb the number of goals per game. For the time being, only the PC players can look forward to the changes.

The release of FIFA 18 has only taken a few days, as there is already a first title update in which EA SPORTS takes on the little flaws that such a game still has in the beginning. Replay times that were not displayed correctly, bad flags, game crashes during a scene in The Journey or the Champions Channel are just a few of the points the developers have come to expect.

The days of ten goals in every second game are numbered. At least the changes in the gameplay give this impression. The response time of goalies has been increased slightly, but in turn the accuracy of the shots goes down. This should make the goal shooting again a bit heavier. The exact effects, however, will only become apparent in a few days, when all players have had time to get used to the update. This is but so far only PC players possible. However, console fans will probably have to wait a few more days. Already in FIFA 17 EA SPORTS released a title update only a few days later on Xbox and PlayStation.

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